April 24, 2007

Keepin It Poppin

Jigmastas - Beyond Real

A rare video from DJ Spinna's now defunct group(as far as I know). So this is most likely the only video you'll get to see from them.

Download video

Jedi Mind Tricks - I Who Have Nothing

Another rare vid.

Download video

DJ Premier - Live In Paris

Ripped by yours truly, any feedback on quality would be appreciated. This will most likely be the only live clip you'll see from me due to the 100mb limit.

Download video

Stay tuned for more vids...


H-Bro said...

fast update, respect there are nice videos...thx

krammer said...

Hot videos all day... love it
i´ve been trying to get some live
premier vids so i appreciate it
much love

Anonymous said...

Youre my hero, seen him live many times now i got something to remember.Thanks so much
One, Sumo

Anonymous said...